Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

Monday, May 17, 2010

My First Experience With Video Conferencing

Using Adobe Connect is a pretty neat way to connect to others. I can see this being used between students and teachers during after school hours. Instead of office hours teachers could list a time in which they would connect to students through video conferencing. Students could also conference between themselves on projects and such. Students who maybe take vacations during the school year or are involved in exchange programs could also use this to check in with their classes. As a teacher you could join up with other professionals and share ideas and actually share things you've tried. Other teachers would be able to actually see what you've created. I also see why families who have distance between them use this to keep in touch with one another. What an awesome resource! With the positives there were a couple negatives. The lapse in time when speaking was a little bit of a challenge. We had several people chatting at the same time which made it hard to hear what everyone was actually saying at times. However, when we disconnected the cameras we could hear much better. As far as my personal dilema......I realized I had to talk closer to the microphone which is on my webcam. I bet I looked like I was going to eat it the closer I came to it:) Maybe I need to try yelling into it………

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  1. Joni,
    You provided some good ideas for using Video Conferencing in your classroom. I like the idea about using it for office hours. Yes, there were some latency problems with the conference, but we were taking the network with all of our video.

    Leigh Zeitz


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