Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

Monday, October 10, 2011

Technology Integration Matrix

Recently I have been looking at the Arizona Technology Integration Matrix. I found it to be quite interesting to see how one can follow the matrix from left to right and take one technology tool and apply it to each phase. The ability to adapt any technology tool to each phase is very unique. I like it because I teach my third graders how to use a variety tech tools as we go along throughout the year. We have what I call, "tech moments." When I am introducing them to a tool they are unfamiliar with, we have to spend a certain amount of time manipulating the tool until their comfort level using the tool has risen. Then I can take that tool and more readily adapt it to fit my curriculum or lesson goal if I so choose. This means that I may start at the entry level and before long be able to move it to a goal directed lesson where the technology tool has been infused into my lesson to help teach the content.

I went out and located five different instances where technology was being integrated into the elementary classroom. I then placed it on the Technology Integration Matrix where I thought it fit. Remember this is my opinion only, so if you feel it goes elsewhere after checking out the matrix than feel free to leave a comment and explain why. I would love to hear your reasoning. It will allow me to see another perspective. I have provided a link to my Google Doc which is where I have placed the five instances on a table mirroring the Technology Integration Matrix. I have provided a link to these instances as well as the grade level they have been taken from. I connected them to my classroom too. You will discover that there are three lessons or instances which include two technology tools and one strategy that I have never used in my classroom. These tools include iPads and Skype with the strategy being Digital Storytelling. From this point you will notice that I have taken three lessons and remarked on how I would move them up on the matrix.

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